Why Offer Titanium Piercing Jewellery to Your Clients?

If you don't stock titanium piercing jewellery in your store or salon at the moment, it's worth adding pieces in this metal to your product range. Titanium is a good option for new piercings. Some people with existing piercings also like it.

What are the benefits of using titanium piercing jewellery?

An Easy Solution for People With Allergies

If people have an allergy or sensitivity to metal, then they need to be careful what kind of piercing jewellery they wear. A piercing won't work if someone can't wear the jewellery because of an adverse reaction. It may also take longer to heal successfully.

Some metals, like surgical steel, can compensate for allergies and sensitivities. Typically, this is down to the fact that they don't contain very much nickel — nickel is a common trigger for people with metal sensitivity issues.

However, these metals can still contain some nickel if they are alloys. If someone has a nickel allergy, then even small trace amounts in a containing metal can trigger a reaction.

Titanium is a hypoallergenic metal. It doesn't contain any nickel in its purest state as it is an elemental metal.

So, if you stock some titanium jewellery, then you have an option for anyone who knows they are hypersensitive or allergic to regular metals or alloys. Some people can also use this kind of jewellery if they think they may have a sensitivity and just want to play it safe.

Faster and Easier Healing 

Titanium is very biocompatible. It is often used in surgical implant procedures as it doesn't cause any damage and the body will accept it.

In piercing terms, this biocompatibility is also useful. Titanium jewellery shouldn't cause any discomfort or irritation on the skin or in the wound site. This ensures that piercings heal quickly and more successfully.

As another plus, titanium won't pick up smells like other metals. Some jewellery gets a bit whiffy during the piercing healing process. Titanium doesn't have this problem.

Better Quality Jewellery

Some piercing materials don't last all that long. Some metals corrode naturally over time. Some will tarnish as they come into contact with water or sweat.

Titanium is strong but light. It isn't prone to typical metal damage. So, it won't rust or tarnish. It keeps its good looks for longer.

If you're interested in expanding your stock to include titanium pieces, contact body piercing jewellery suppliers to take a look at your options.